Terry Kovalcik

Terry Kovalcik's HeadshotTerry’s wearable art pieces reflect years of visual storytelling with imagery and movement.

Each hand-crafted jewelry piece is created from Terry’s original designs as unique limited-edition, one-of-a-kind pieces in fine; silver, copper, and bronze. All jewelry is meticulously polished by hand and assembled with attention to every last detail.

“Working in metal clay allows me to go beyond two-dimensional space.”
“After more than 30 years working as an illustrator, I was drawn to metal clay as a way to bring form and movement into my art. Many of my pieces are made of multiple elements that hang, dangle and swing with the movement of the body. This gives the piece life and adds an element of whimsy.

After sketching my designs on paper, it’s the process of creating, sculpting and assembling these pieces that are most gratifying. I’ve become passionate about making boxes that allow me to work on both the inside and outside designs—with the mystery of its interior and the secrets that can be hidden inside. These little surprises are special gifts to the wearer that they can choose to share with others.

I create a sense of color and space through the use of various surface treatments — from highly polished silver to dark, textural matte finishes.
Seeing these 3D forms come alive nourishes my creativity. As I continue to work in metal clay, I find that these wearable objects have a unique ability to capture the inspiration I see in the world around me.

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—©Terry Kovalcik 2017

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