I love metal clay

I began dabbling in metalsmithing at the De Cordova museum where I worked with sterling silver sheet, tubs and wire construction. I came to the realization that this trade requires a lot of tools and a studio space separate from living quarters.

An easier rout for me was to design jewelry using Swarovski Crystals and sterling silver findings that I could purchase on the web. I found myself wanting to reshape these clasp and connector findings and delved further into metalsmithing.

This further delving brought me to Mass College of Art where I took a construction in base and precious materials class with Donna Veverka. Here I could use their open studio space as long as I was enrolled. I spent long hot days annealing copper wire and drawing it through plates for a thinner guage just so I could use the draw tongs and bench.

Then I discovered Metalwerx in Waltham where they use this very innovative material call PMC, precious metal clay. It’s fine silver mixed with a gluten to give it the consistency of clay. The gluten burns off in the kiln and what’s left is fine silver.

I don’t need a lot of space and machinery to make fine silver pieces.

Say most people in the metal clay community

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